Welcome to my New Website!


First off, you’re maybe wondering...What do I do? What do I offer people online?

Well, I work with people to improve the essential quality of their lives. This can range from anything as drastic as huge life-changing events to something as modest, yet awesome, as just wishing to feel happier each day! And everything in between…

How do I do this?

What I’m not talking about is helping others in a shallow attempt at simply raising their spirits for a few days, offering a quick fix requiring return visits over time, or by being some kind of guru with all the answers but who keeps all of his solutions a secret. What I do offer to people is very simple, direct & straightforward. I focus entirely on helping them to become more of who they are. As distinct from who others may want them to be, or even who they may want to be themselves, without first knowing who they are & who is actually wanting it. In the words of KungFu Panda:

I’m not trying to turn you into me – I’m trying to turn you into YOU!

So, a big part of my work involves personal coaching & mentoring. But I also assist others by passing on information and tools that can be used for the rest of their lives, which similarly encourage a happier, more meaningful & fulfilled existence.

On all levels, this means that the responsibility – and therefore the power – lies with the recipient; and the level of their success depends entirely on their willingness to believe in themselves, and to evolve that relationship. The sky is no limit!

To summarise..

  • I encourage people to open up to Who They Are, through mentoring & coaching
  • Understanding this can help to make sense of any confusing, or numbing, circumstances in life, and in turn, will always provide the solution
  • I support people by offering helpful tools & practices which can open them up to a new, positive life perspective & experience


What’s my motivation for doing this?

I do this for a number of personal reasons.

  1. I have personally experienced most of what people go through, both in everyday life & on the larger end of the scale. I discovered, for myself, that all of the answers & solutions to what I needed lay within me – not outside of me. I discovered that all of these events had occurred precisely to wake me up to this reality & truth. Another way of saying this is that when you change your consciousness, your world changes.
  2. In support of what I found inside of myself, I started working intuitively with some ‘tools of understanding’ which are of an essentially practical nature. These, I found, helped me greatly to stay on the right path for me. As they helped me so much, I felt it was time to share them.
  3. I have a passionate desire to help others avoid any of the needless suffering & difficulties that I went through myself, and to save them a great deal of time & energy in the process.

How do I work with others?

I work in two ways:

  • through one-on-one mentoring & coaching
  • through passing on information, knowledge & understanding to assist people’s awareness of who they are, and their awakening to a larger reality – both of themselves, and what the world can be for them in their lives ahead

For further details & insights into my work, please check out upcoming posts & information on the website! Alternatively, you are welcome to contact me.


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