In the West, we tend to live in a world dominated by visual stimuli. But much of the world still relies heavily on aural stimuli, just as would our ancestors in times past. As, for instance, with aural dictation & memorising in lessons, or news or tales to relate to the community after travelling. For us, increasingly, the spoken word alone can seem like the old world long gone. Yet when we see a play by Shakespeare, or watch movies such as Beowulf, we can tend to forget that the essence of the experience for the contemporary listener would have been aural-based, alongside a healthy dose of imagination & what little acting or staging were on offer.

The aural world, like the visual, is only real and relevant to us within the limited capabilities of our sensory organs. An adult’s ears, on a good day, can only hear within the frequency range of 16Hz – around 16,000 Hz. Our pets can hear a great deal more, while Dolphins have the capacity to hear frequencies ten times higher. As with our visual acuity, just because we can’t hear something doesn’t mean it isn’t real, or vibrating at a certain frequency. Since everything in the Universe is a wave form of some kind, it has a particular resonant frequency: we literally exist in a vibrational Universe. And vibration creates Sound, whether we can actually hear it or not. Scientists can hear the radiowaves emitted by planets, stars & even black holes. Similarly, we each emit our own resonant frequency, as does each part of our bodies, such as organs. Ancient cultures & wisdom, such as the Tibetan Monks, the Druids, or the Essenes & Cathars, have long known this; as have such formative historical figures as Confucius or Pythagoras. One belief they all held in common: if you entrain sound to create harmony, that harmony will not only induce physical healing, it will induce peace & harmony within society.

Sound is vital to our physical existence: to our health & well-being. We are aware of it when we listen to a piece of music that moves us, uplifts our spirit, stirs us; or when we listen to the dawn chorus of birds in nature; or maybe even the sound of the trickling brook or the crashing waves of the ocean. The humble blackbird or robin in our garden can reveal to us new worlds of sound, beyond our everyday experience. I tend to find I hear it best through the ears of my heart.

And then, even beyond our bodies, our mind emits a constant stream of thought waves. We all do, whether consciously done or not. Never mind being of sound health – what about sound mind? Our thoughts weave through the thoughts of others. We might say we are unaffected by the world around us, but how do we know that? We are telepathic & intuitive beings; just because a lot of us have either lost the use of this ability, or denied it’s existence, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist either, or functions without our conscious awareness. And what of the sounds we live with day in, day out: all the traffic, brake noise, the neighbour’s dogs, aircraft overhead, sirens wailing in the distance, beeping horns, muzak in the aisles of the supermarket. All of this affects us physically & psychologically. Man creates cacophony, discord – rather than effortless harmony, in tune with nature & the rhythm of the Universe – because he has forgotten it’s monumental importance; and because of the discord he brought upon himself within, in consequence.

Being of sound mind, in this sense, means being the Creator of our World within: the arbitor of our existence. It means feeding the white wolf, not the black; it means steadily, moment by moment, teaching & coaching ourselves through all of the multi-levels of experience – allowing ourselves to be free, to make mistakes, but also to learn from our life experience. And to bring joy, through our minds as well as hearts, into the world. Every thought sings it’s own melody. Allow yours, today, to weave with the blackbirds’ & robins’, in tune with nature around us, and with the harmony of the Universe. That way, you bring peace & joy to yourself, as well as to the world around you.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”            – Norman Vincent Peale

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