Home is where the Heart is


Happy New Year to you!

It’s been quite a while since I last posted a blog here. There have been many changes going on. The world around us is changing fast. 2017 was a dramatic year: it seemed to propel us to the brink of personal & collective understanding. What unfolded for me was an ever deeper need to connect within myself – that my own personal relationship with self revealed more than a resource for occasional contact & requests for guidance. It started to feel more like ‘Home’.

I guess all the chaotic melee of external, world events induced in me a strong feeling or instinct of withdrawal: not so much in order to escape as much as to find definition, truth, a sense of continuity & security, an awareness that in an ever-changing world and existence, something inside of me was pulsing to a familiar tune. Familar – la famiglia [It: family].. The familiar is family to all of us. Not necessarily the family in which we grew up, so much as the family in which we are eternally rooted – our family of Spirit. La Sacra Famiglia. The sacred family we can only access through our hearts; the familar feeling we can forever shy away from, but which always calls out to us with that still, small, beautiful voice.

In our world of physical matter, societal restrictions & conditioning, the familiar is projected onto wherever we can find some semblance of that distant feeling for which we yearn so deeply. It may be a closely-knit family of our own, a loving partnership or relationship, a hearth & home into which we can close off from the outside world for a time, like a cave retreat. It may be a passion, in which we lose ourselves, and time simply drifts effortlessly ahead of us. It may even be a dream, long-held, fixed and etched in our psyche until realised. Whatever its nature, the familar roots us, holds us, allowing us to express, ever increasingly in wave-like ripples, our persona into the world. Without the familar, there could be no mask to wear. Without our spiritual family, there could be no physical existence in which the world is our stage. We talk of ancestral roots, the family tree.. Under the earth, beyond the veil of our present consciousness, our roots extend unbound by our present understanding. And without them, we wouldn’t grow. Their presence is implied, understood, yet unseen. They root us deeply…and some day, that is where we shall return. And at that moment, all will become apparent & familar again.

One vital desire resting deep inside of me reminds me that we can – all of us – have that familarity here, too. We can decide to bring that presence, that feeling, that desire into being here on Earth, in our own lives, communities, our human family, in this physical existence we call life. For it isn’t really life, but a dream – a speck or flicker in the memory of our soul – a microcosmic moment. Yet it is important, as all things are. Our soul family, our Sacra Famiglia, is all here too: we are most likely surrounded by them. And as our power to recognise where our true roots lie evolves, so too does our ability to trust, to let go, and to allow love to flow through these wonderful hearts we own – allow the Source of that love to be present here, in the now, in this present moment, this extraordinary fleeting speck in the firmament; to allow our real family to be familar, not only within ourselves, but within our extended family of life here on this planet. Because what we are, we share. It’s what families do.



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