It struck me in recent days just how much the World has changed, is changing. A huge shift in consciousness is palpable, very real: it’s all around us, wherever we look, wherever we are. Everything is changing; stasis no longer seems to be the prevailing human condition. Those riding with, and on, the waves of this change are thriving. I don’t mean financially. I mean holistically, in every sense of the meaning to thrive.

During the second half of the last century until the present day, there has been a massive growth in the number of people connecting with what can be described as non-local, non-physical entities or energies, and relaying the consciousness of these beings usually through the written word, but also spoken, and occasionally directed through other mediums such as art or music. Most, but not all, of those undertaking – and offering – this new form of expression & communication, do so under the guise of being the medium for a form of Spiritual Teacher or Guru, a perceived higher authority, arising out of a greater degree of conscious awareness. Many undertaking this form of communication have been extremely successful at it, many follow particular messages and the Beings that are being channelled; many have made a lot of money out of the success that has followed.

Successful as all of this has been, notably as an example of effective marketing, the process of what is known as channelling is neither new, nor is it something – most importantly – that only a few can offer, or be successful at. This form of communication is based on what we might describe as being in an inspired state of awareness. For example, Georg Frederick Handel was said to have been in this mystical state when he wrote his most popular and successful Oratorio, the ‘Messiah‘, in a period of 3 weeks during the year 1741. We don’t describe his work, or any other great artist or composer from time immemorial, as ‘channelled’ from a higher source of consciousness, yet it clearly was. And part of the proof as such, is the state of consciousness it can arouse in us when listening to, or immersing ourselves, in it. Musicologists, performers, and music-lovers alike, simply describe Handel as being a great composer – like Mozart, whose compositions were always presented in manuscript as a finished, un-edited, article. Perfect, with not a note out of place. Is this not ‘channelled’ too? No, it invariably has another title: the work of genius. Yet again, the prevailing understanding and acceptance here is that, somehow, these few human beings are truly exceptional. We call them ‘Masters’. Like Jesus or the Buddha.

If we describe the work ‘Masters’ produce as exceptional, as the work of genius, we have to accept that the true genius is not the hand that wrote it, but the hive mind that created it in the first place, and to which some of us seemingly have readier access to than others. Therefore, those that undertake this are simply conveyors of this genius: channellers of the higher mind, higher consciousness of thought. They are no more genius or masterful than anyone else: it’s just that they worked out how to connect with this genius, and how to relay it purely & completely, in a finished form. They acted as filters through which this genius could relay information. This is no different a process from modern-day spiritual channellers, no matter what one calls it, how one describes, pitches or markets it. It is simply based on our ability, as consciousness existing within the density of physical matter, to receive information from non-local, non-physical consciousness. I would say, further, it has everything to do with our desire, our intention, to do this. No more, no less. No matter what stirs, uplifts, inspires you, the passion that flows through your mind and body is borne of exactly the same stuff – it is Spirit awakened in form. It is pure genius. Which is what we are also. It is something as natural to us as breathing. Yet humanity has a mind-set, a belief, that it is not: and thus, with this widely-held belief in place, we have our world of ordinary people, and a few geniuses left to engage our attention.

But I believe that is all beginning to change. Spiritual channelling is just one of many indications from around the World, that the world is changing – because we are as a race of beings. Many more people now no longer accept being told what to do by outside – and until now – accepted authorities. They no longer accept the prevailing viewpoint that just a few are somehow special, in whatever form that takes, whether political leader, eminent scientist, artistic genius, spiritual master. Either no one is special, or we all are. Whichever way it is, it doesn’t really matter. The overriding message is simply that whatever one can do, so can the rest of us – and why shouldn’t we? No one is stopping us any more – and if they are, we either re-locate or do it in another way. Because there are many ways to express the genius of the Universal Mind. We were born to do that, and all we have to do is simply remember it (and ignore those that hold it is otherwise).



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