Gary’s Bio

Gary & his wife Sabine

Here’s a little about myself..

  • I live in the UK, in an area of National Park known as Exmoor, with my wife, Sabine, and 2 (soon to be 3!) young children.
  • I am a classically-trained musician with 30 years of professional, international performing experience. After years of playing other people’s music, I recently made the discovery that when I simply sit down at the piano and allow whatever music that follows to express itself, self-contained pieces seem to appear. At first it seemed miraculous. There is no prior planning, design or intent involved in this process: I just sit down and play, as if ‘playing around’! When I then listen to the recording, some hunch or intuition guides me to give it a title or theme, as appropriate. This is the music I offer to people – mainly as recordings – some of which can be found on my Music page. I call it inspired music, because it comes from somewhere mysterious, somewhere deep within, which I cannot explain. And from what many have told me so far, it seems to speak directly to people’s hearts.

  • Following a near-death experience in 2003, I found myself all of a sudden able to hear, feel & see things that were not apparent to others around me. I found myself constantly in touch with what we tend to call ‘the other side’. Through evolving this connection, and working with it since, I feel like I am one of those human ‘bridges’ for others, acting as a link & voice between the physical & non-physical worlds. This relationship is the source & inspiration for all the online Healing, Reading & Coaching work I offer others.