Gary’s Bio

Gary & his wife Sabine

Here’s a little about myself..

  • I live in the UK, in a beautiful area of National Park known as Exmoor, with my wife, Sabine, 3 young children, and Orin the cat.
  • I am a classically-trained musician with 30 years of professional, international performing experience. One day, 7 years ago, I decided to stop playing in public & gave up the career and intense, itinerant way of life. After years of playing other people’s music, I made the discovery that when I simply sit down at the piano and allow whatever music that follows to express itself, self-contained pieces seem to appear. At first it seemed miraculous. There is never any prior planning, design or intent involved in this process: I just sit down and play. Yet when I listen to what is recorded, it almost seems like it isn’t me – the ‘me’ I recognise as self, with a body, that is. It then feels tempting to describe the process as ‘inspired music’. This is the music I offer to people – mainly as recordings – some of which can be found on my Music page. From what many have told me so far, it seems to speak directly to people’s hearts. I imagine that’s because, when I decided to stop playing in public 7 years ago, I recognised on some level I had lost the ability I had as a child – through years of training, conditioning & worldly experience – to simply allow my heart to be in the music. When it’s there, and it’s felt strongly, the music changes alchemically, affecting the listener too.

  • Following a near-death experience in 2003, I found myself all of a sudden able to hear, feel & see things that seemed not to be apparent to others around me. I found myself constantly in touch with what we tend to call ‘the other side’. As touched on briefly above, it seems to me that we all have this ability from the birth, but that it often gets submerged and lost in the distractions of conditioning & what is expected of us in society. The awakening I had was profound – and profoundly confusing both to myself, and to those others around me at first. When I tried explaining the experience and my notions of what life is really about, most thought I was delusional, having a mid-life crisis, or simply mad. I am certainly not alone in having this experience: it has happened to many like me. But over time, I learned when to speak, how to ‘turn on & off’ my connection, and how to make use of it to help myself, and others. Like anything in life, we may have gifts, but if they remain dormant, ignored, unshared, they are worthless. What I can offer to others who have lost their connection to the non-physical world, and all its attendant resources, wisdom and immense love, is a form of human ‘bridging’ – like a friend called upon for moral support & company, to aid and facilitate what is needed. This type of relationship is the source & inspiration for all of the online Healing, Reading & Coaching work I offer others. And to underline the genuine nature & intent of this activity, I am offering free Soul Readings during 2018 to all desiring to move beyond that often ‘caged in’ feeling of mundane human existence, to what lies beyond our ken, and what lies potentially in our future if we decide to open to what exists for us on the ‘other side’. You can access further information on this offer here.